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This Journal issued by "The Arab Association of Civilization and Islamic Arts", an association notarized under the number 9768 of the year 2015, in participation with "The Islamic Universities Association Arbitrators are members of "The scientific committees of sectors of Architecture, Art humanistic studies and social science" in addition to presenting the researches internationally to specialized committees that have Arabic and foreigner arbitrators in all fields.

Goals of the Journal:

  1. Documenting the intellectual relations and spread the scientific culture among the Arabian and Foreigner researchers, and the purposeful scientific communication among them.
  1. Find communication channels among the persons who're working in the civilization and artistic in all their fields and academic institutions at the fields of design, architecture, arts, monuments and their restoration, humanistic science with all it’s sides and derivatives and social science with it’s relation to the civilization progress.
  1. Raising the education level, the designing, architecture, arts, archeology, researches, and linking them to the various institutions by using the modern styles and technological facilities to find positive results for such studies and researches that are considered as scientific and knowledge treasures in all of the civilization and artistic fields.
Current Issue: Volume 9, Issue 11, April 2024, Pages 1-1235 

Using artificial intelligence to develop the product design process through digital modeling and simulation .

Pages 515-538

Omar Benabdalaziz Mokhles Elkurdi; Eman Ashraf Ewis Hagag; Mariam Hany Abd Elmohsen Elabd

Challenges of Freedom Expression in Advertising Design

Pages 785-816

أ.م.د. منى عبد العزیز حسن عبد الله

Employing the bagua map in tourist resorts For contemplative silence

Pages 1156-1181

Heba IBRAHEM Sayed Ali; Heba Ibrahem Sayed Ali; MS. Maryia Khaled Gamal Suliman